The House on Tradd Street ePub by Karen White

The House on Tradd Street ePub

Download The House on Tradd Street ePub book free by Karen White – From The House on Tradd Street ePub:Melanie Trenholm should be anticipating Christmas with nothing but joy–after all, it’s the first Christmas she and her husband, Jack, will celebrate with their twin babies. Buy from Amazon

The House on Tradd Street ePub

But the ongoing excavation of the centuries-old cistern in the garden of her historic Tradd Street home has been a huge millstone, both financially and aesthetically. Local students are thrilled by the possibility of unearthing more Colonial-era artifacts at the cistern, but Melanie is concerned by the ghosts connected to the cistern that have suddenly invaded her life and her house–and at least one of them is definitely not filled with holiday cheer…. The House on Tradd Street ePub

And these relics aren’t the only precious artifacts for which people are searching. A past adversary is convinced that there is a long-lost Revolutionary War treasure buried somewhere on the property that Melanie inherited–untold riches rumored to be brought over from France by the Marquis de Lafayette himself and intended to help the Colonial war effort. It’s a treasure literally fit for a king, and there have been whispers throughout history that many have already killed–and died–for it. And now someone will stop at nothing to possess it–even if it means destroying everything Melanie holds dear.

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Review – The House on Tradd Street ePub

“If you prefer your holiday tales with bit of a ghost story, look no further than The Christmas Spirits of Tradd Street. It’s perfect for fans of A Christmas Carol and Hamilton, blending a tale of spectral rumors and American Revolutionary history.”—Entertainment Weekly

“What a treat to open up a new Tradd Street House book by Karen White and disappear into her witty, wonderful and haunted world…No one does ghosts better than Karen White and this is one of Tradd Street’s best.”—New York Times bestselling author M.J. Rose

“While this is the sixth in White’s ‘Tradd Street’ series, it can be read on its own, but make time after the holidays to binge-read the previous five for more adventures with these characters…A cliff-hanger ending and promise of another book will please avid fans.”—Library Journal

“This is a fun-filled, festive, and witty read — a welcome, suspenseful story at a busy time of year!”Holiday in the Country The House on Tradd Street ePub

Details About The House on Tradd Street by Karen White ePub

  • Name: The House on Tradd Street
  • Author: Karen White
  • ISBN: 978-0451225092
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Ghost Fiction, Ghost Mysteries, Women Fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 352

Review – The House on Tradd Street ePub

This one dragged. Lacked the humor of the previous books and I am so sick of Marc Longo running off with few to no consequences. I can get over Melanie’s constant fawning over Jack’s looks and his constantly kissing her to avoid talking (but then gets mad when she doesn’t tell him everything instantly? Really?!?!) – but there are some serious issues here that replay in every book to the point of it not being cute but predictable and aggravating.

As for Melanie and Jack? Let me get this straight, he can hang out at the bar and order ginger ale while perusing the drink menu (recovering alcoholic) and not tell his wife – but she tries to handle a problem while he’s down with the flu and suddenly he can’t trust her anymore???? The House on Tradd Street ePub

And her mother with her history – thinks Melanie was wrong as well? Seriously?!?!

The constant battering of how awful Melanie is or thinks she is has become annoying. Her quirks and emotional reactions stem from a pretty traumatic childhood and everyone around her just makes fun of her or shames her for it.

The mystery was okay… felt rushed. More ghostly interaction might have spiced it up.

The ending? Total trash. Seriously. Right before Christmas? With children? Not to mention Nola’s harsh childhood and these two “parents” are so myopic all they can do is think of themselves – this is mainly aimed at Jack. After all they’ve been through together nobody takes into account anyone else’s stress levels between finances, shady people trying to steal their house, friends wanting help, and wait – the holidays, too?!?!! The House on Tradd Street ePub

Jack is kind of a jerk by the end. Melanie needs a spine.

I’ll read the next book because I’ve read them all. I hoped that Melanie and Jack married would stop the stupid tug-of-war with one of them leaving their house every time someone doesn’t tell them the new mystery twist within 5 seconds of learning it.

If the last book doesn’t provide a happily ever after I’ll have zero interest in reading any of the author’s other endeavors. It’s annoying.

About the Author

Karen White is the New York Times bestselling author of more than twenty novels, including the Tradd Street series, Dreams of Falling, The Night the Lights Went Out, Flight Patterns, The Sound of Glass, A Long Time Gone, and The Time Between. She is the coauthor of The Forgotton Room and The Glass Ocean with New York Times bestselling authors Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig. She grew up in London but now lives with her husband and two children near Atlanta, Georgia. The House on Tradd Street ePub

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I grew up being a voracious reader and it was a natural step to turn my interest to writing. I have published 24 award-winning and bestselling novels including my latest release DREAMS OF FALLING published by Penguin Random House in June, 2018. Set in the South Carolina Lowcountry in the 1950s and contemporary time, this is a book about lifelong friendships and family, and the sacrifices we’re willing to make for those we love.

I write what others have termed “grit-lit”–southern women’s fiction, as well as a contemporary paranormal mystery series (The House on Tradd Street is the 1st book in the series) set in Charleston, South Carolina. All of my books are set in the US South, and feature a female protagonist at a crossroads in her life. The House on Tradd Street ePub

I have two grown children (one of whom appears in several of my books under the alias of Meghan Black), and live near Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two of the cutest Havanese dogs, Quincy and Sophie Belle. Readers may recognize Quincy as General Lee in the Tradd Street series.

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