Construction Process Planning and Management PDF

Construction Process Planning and Management PDF

Download Construction Process Planning and Management PDF book free – From Construction Process Planning and Management PDF: By their very nature, construction projects can create seemingly endless opportunities for conflict. Written by a best selling author with over 40 years of experiences in the construction and general contracting business, Construction Process Planning and Management provides you with the necessary tools to save time and money on your construction project. Buy from Amazon

Construction Process Planning and Management PDF

In this book, Sid Levy provides valuable advice for avoiding or working through the common problems that are a result of the long-term nature of construction projects, failure to select a ?project delivery system? appropriate to the project, incomplete drawing and specifications, unrealistic scheduling, poor communication and coordination among participants, and inadequate contract administration. From project genesis, through design development to contractor and contract selection, on to construction oversight, punch list and successful project close-out, this book will point out those pitfalls to avoid and offer practical advice at every step along the way.

Key Features: Construction Process Planning and Management PDF

  • Administer the general construction process including solicitation of contractor’s qualifications (pre-qualify bidders), comparative analysis of bid packages, recommendation for contract award, contract document negotiation and documentation of job change orders
  • Provide Project Planning and on-site management and coordination of all construction projects
  • Ensure compliance of building construction rules and regulations and collaborate with chief engineers to monitor quality of construction
  • Conduct technical/plan review of construction documents and submit written responses identifying required corrections or changes
  • Design, implement and oversee Company standards for construction policies, practices and processes – Construction Process Planning and Management PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 An Introduction to the Design and Construction industry
The construction. architectural and engineering business
Hiring an architect and defining the Owner’s Program
General Contracting- full service, broker- how they operate
Subcontracting – 2nd, 3rd tier subs. – Construction Process Planning and Management PDF

Chapter 2 Project Genesis
The Fast Track process- pluses and minuses
To CM or not to CM?
Considering Design-Build at this early stage

Chapter 3 Selecting and Working with Architects
The Right Questions to Ask
Checking up via References
The process of extracting the owner’s program
The full field of services architects can supply

Chapter 4 Construction Contracts-Types, Pros and Cons of Each
Getting Started with a Letter of Intent
Cost Plus
Cost Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
Lump or Stipulated sum
Construction Manager (CM)
The Value of Alternates and Allowances

Chapter 5 Preparing Meaningful Bid Documents
The Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
The Request for Proposal (RFP)
Sample forms
The Value of a Pre-Bid Conference
Evaluating Bids
Contractor Selection – Construction Process Planning and Management PDF

Chapter 6 Preparing the Construction Contract
Some Helpful Tips
Contract Language to Protect the Owner
The Value of Exhibits to the Contract
When Tenant Work is Involved in a Commercial Lease
The Need for a Contingency
The role of Bonds and Insurance

Chapter 7 Organizing for Construction
The role of the Architect During Construction
The role of the Owner’s Representative
Establishing Effective communications between all parties
Dealing With Difficult Issues That Can Cause Disputes & Claims

Chapter 8 The Construction Schedule
The CMP Schedule- the Bar Chart Schedule
The Importance of the Base Line Schedule
The Double Edged Sword

Chapter 9 The Change Order Process
How to Eliminate Many problems Up Front
Effective Monitoring of Contractor’s cost proposals
The Owner’s rights and obligations

Chapter 10 Participating in the Construction Process
The Weekly Progress Meetings
Project Documentation to Protect One’s Position
Lien Waivers- What They Do and what They don’t Do
The Art of Compromise – Construction Process Planning and Management PDF

Chapter 11 Successfully Closing out the Project
Successful Close-Out Starts at the Project’s Beginning
Punch List Tips
Warranties/Guarantees- Read the Fine Print
Before Issuing that Final Payment

Appendix ? Samples of Design and Construction Contracts
American Institute of Architects (AIA)

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Levy provides powerful tools for managing projects’tools that maximize profits, minimize costs, and keep change orders and project documents under control. You might also like building materials by S.K Duggal



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